Minister Ranjeet Kumar Dass felicitated 597 meritorious students in Pathsala

Pathsala Minister Ranjeet Kum Dass felicitated 597 students who were outstanding

PATHSALA – Ranjeet Kumakhi, Minister and Patacharkuchi MLA was able to organize a felicitation programme to honor the students who contributed to the success of the Patacharkuchi HSLC/HS final examinations in 2022.

Dass presented 597 awards to the students of BhagawatiKshetra, Pathsala. Justice Biplab Kumar Sharma (retired Judge at Gauhati High Court), Deputy Commissioner for Bajali and Cauvery Barkakati and Bajali Superintendentof Police, Dharmendra Kar were present. Das were present. Dass stated that he was proud to honor the students’ success in the exam during the program. You are now ready to start the next chapter. “We wish the best for all students and we hope they spread the name the state everywhere they go,” he said.

Students who were able to attend the event expressed gratitude for the organization of the felicitation program and the boost in their spirits.

Minister Ranjeet K Kumar Dass recommends 55 litres water per person and per day

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