London Is Full Of Bollywood Stars These Days. Shabana Azmi Made A List

London’s Bollywood stars are everywhere these days. Shabana Azmi Made A List

Maldives is gone, Bollywood stars have discovered a new vacation spot for this season: London. One glance at the Instagram accounts of Bollywood stars shows that they often post postcards about London. Shabana Azmi (a veteran actress, who was also in London) noticed the pattern. She shared a photo from London and wrote, “All of Mumbai is now in London!” Manish Malhotra. Ram and Amita Madhwan. Shahid Kapooor, Deepak Kashyap. Shibani. Farhan Akhtar. Deepak. Shabana Azmi received most stars correctly. Tapsee Pannu recently checked in to Mumbai as a work colleague while on vacation with Shagun.

See Shabana Azmi’s blog here.

Shabana Azmi failed to mention Kareena Karisma Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in her post. Kareena Saif is here.