Commemorative meet held under Tinsukia Zila Xahitya Xebi Mancha

Commemorative meet held under Tinsukia Zila Xahitya Xebi Mancha

DOOMDOOMA. A commemorative meeting was held at Rupai Jatiya Vidyalaya under the auspices Tinsukia Zila Xebi Manda (TZXM) to remember Harendra Nath Borthakur who won the Sahitya Academy Award for litterateur in children’s literature. Atul Sarmah was the president. Punya Sikia (satirist and poet) lit the lamp at the start, in front of Late Borthakur’s picture. He died June 24, 2009.

Makum, 2nd Assam Police Battalion Commandant and Nanda Singh Borkola were both highly praised for Borthakur’s children literature. They also spoke out in praise of Borthakur’s dramas and literature. He said that some years from now the Assamese literature books would appear to have been confined to the library book-selves. However, it would not surprise him that our children would benefit by the literature Borthakur wrote.

Puny Saikia and Badan Sarma addressed the meeting as well. They are former presidents, TZXXM Sarifa Khatun Chudhury and classmate, Late Borthakur. Dr Prafulla Madhi was former principal, Doomdooma College.

Tinsukia’s Deputy Commissioner Narasingh power meets the HS rank holders

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