Bill Gates Shares His 48-Year-Old Resume, A Message For Job Seekers

Bill Gates shares his 48-year-old resume, a message to job seekers

Job seekers often struggle to create the perfect resume to build their dream career. For many jobs, a good resume is the first criterion an applicant must meet.

Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest people in the world, today shared his first resume to boost the confidence of millions of young job seekers around the world. Going back to his followers, the 66-year-old shared his resume 48 years ago. To his followers, he said he was confident that their resume would look better than him.

“I’m sure your resume looks much better than my resume 48 years ago, whether you’re a recent graduate or a college dropout,” says the billionaire philanthropist. I did.

The resume is from when William Henry Gates III, commonly known as Bill Gates, was a freshman at Harvard University.