"All Indian Railways are ready to offer a major renovation to Silchar Station."

“All Indian Railways are ready to offer a major renovation to Silchar Station.”

The meeting was accompanied by three MLAs, Barak Valley Krishnendu Paul, Bijoy Malakar, Kaushik Rai, and BJP President Bimalendu Roy in the Cachar district.

At the meeting, Northeast Frontier Railroad officials had a detailed discussion with a delegation led by Dr. Raj Deep Roy, a member of Parliament for Sylchar, on the development of infrastructure for the Sylchar Railroad Station. In discussions, Rajdeep confirmed that all world-class railway stations would be built in Sirchar.

Rajdeep further stated that this process was already underway and that all efforts to accelerate the process began from his end. It should be mentioned that the chief railroad officer will come to Sirchar to complete the process. The new station will be built on the grounds of the existing Sirchar station.

The new station will have multiple floors. Efforts have also begun to make separate entrances and exits for passengers. There are also ancillary facilities such as a food court at the station.

Dr. Rajdeep said the Government of India plans to build world-class railway stations in several locations across the country, including Silchar. Rajdeep Roy also took the initiative and developed a plan to implement Silchar-Guwahati Intercity Express.

MP Rajeep Roy further said that the Northeast Frontier Railroad is also planning to build an alternative railroad track via the Chandra Naspool-Sri Lanka-Gwahati route. The day also discussed the opening of the Patharkandi-Kanmun railway. “A survey was conducted on the Patharkandi-Kanmun rail route in 2015,” said Rajdeep.