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"Terrorism law": Zelensky rushes into Russia after attack on Ukraine Mall

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused a missile attack at a shopping center in the central city of Kremenchuk on Monday as a “brave terrorist act,” killing 13 people.

Zelensky said after accusing Moscow of deliberately targeting civilians, there were two other strikes in the eastern part of the country on Monday, killing at least 12 civilians in total. Was there.

“Today’s Russian strike at the Kremenchuk shopping center is one of the bravest acts of terrorism in European history,” Zelensky said in his evening broadcast posted on Telegram.

“Quiet towns, ordinary shopping centers, women, children, ordinary citizens.”

Earlier, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated that the Kremenchuk strike coincided with the mall’s busiest hours and was deliberately timed to cause the maximum number of casualties.