Vehicle Speed Limit Restricted In Assam

Speed ​​limit is limited in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park authorities have fixed the top speed of vehicles in the sanctuary to 40 km / h with the aim of avoiding wildlife deaths from accidents and allowing free movement of animals.

From Lengari to Borjuli in Assam, six sensor-based cameras have been installed in nine designated animal corridors in the park to detect vehicle speed, he said.

The camera is installed along National Highway 37, which runs through the southern border of the famous rhinoceros habitat, Kaziranga National Park, and is scheduled to go live on Friday, said DFO Ramesh Gogo of the East Assam Wildlife Service. Mr. Lee said.

The camera is equipped with an automatic license plate that is recognized by radar to determine speed, a Forest Department official said.

Authorities regulated speed limits as animals approached NH 37 in search of dry land during the Assam flood, and many animals crossed the road to reach the highlands.

Highway speed-violating cars killed several animals, especially when the park was flooded and animals crossed the road to reach the highlands.