"Nupur Sharma cooperation": Delhi police sources after court criticism

"Nupur Sharma cooperation": Delhi police sources after court criticism

Police sources investigated Ms. Sharma after the Supreme Court today accused her of raising the Delhi police in handling a proceeding against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma and causing tension in her comments on the Prophet Muhammad. Said to cooperate with. Police said the incident was held all day long, even though police remained her mother about her arrest, sources said.

According to police, Nupur Sharma was notified about two weeks ago that she had spread hatred and hurt her religious sentiment after the proceedings were filed against her. Her statement was recorded on June 18, but no new notice has yet been issued for her question. Police officers say they will notify you as needed.

Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations KPS Malhotra delivered a notice to Ms Sharma on June 18 under Section 41A CrPC (Notice Appearing Before Police Officers), and her statement was recorded in accordance with the law. The news agency PTI reported.

While listening to the case, the Supreme Court accused the Delhi police. “What did the Delhi police do? Don’t let us open. What was the television debate? Just to instigate the agenda? Why did they choose the topic of vice-trial? What if she is a party spokesperson? Do you think she has a back-up of power and can make any statement regardless of the laws of the land? “The Supreme Court asked.

The court also pointed out selective actions in similar cases.