New body of Bilasipara Press Club formed

Bilasipara Press club forms new group

BILASIPARA – Sunday’s General Meeting of Bilasipara Media Club took place here. Mofizul Hussain was the chairperson.

The secretarial report was submitted by Amit Choudhury, the club’s in-charge secretary. After the submission of the secretarial reports, both audited and final accounts were received.

Kalyan Chakraborty and Sahanawaz Hussain were advocates. Sunil Choudhury and Hansraj Sethia, Altaphussain Ahmed (Abinash Seal Sarma), Aminul Islam. Hansraj Sethia, Hansraj Sethia. Hansraj Sethia. Hansraj Sethia. Hansraj Sethia. Hansraj Sethia. Hansraj Sethia, Hansraj Sethia. Hansraj Sethia. Hansraj Sethiainay Sarma. Following a lengthy discussion, the committee that had been running the club’s affairs was officially disbanded. The new committee consisted of: Mofizul Hussain Ahmed as president; Sanjay Sarma working president; Biswajit Sarma vice president; Samaresh Seal Sarma secretary; Nilkamal Thath assistant secretary; Enus Ali cashier. The SDIPRO from Bilasipara was also elected an ex-officio membership.

Amit Choudhury was elected, Gitanjali Negi, Hansraj Sethia, Abdul Monnaf and Hansraj Sethia as executive members. Sahnawaz Hussain (legal practitioner), DayalPaul and Altap Hussain Ahmed served as advisors.

Vote of thanks was given by the chair at the end of the meeting.

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