More than 160 villages under five income circles are involved in the flood of Assam

More than 160 villages under five income circles are involved in the flood of Assam

Nagaon: The flood scene throughout the Nagaon area remains important as floods submerged more than 160 villages under the Kanpur, Nagaon, Raha, Samaguri and Kaliabor revenue circles. More villages will be flooded within the next few hours as the Kolong, Kapili, Nishiri, and powerful Brahmaputra rivers still flow above dangerous levels.

During the second wave, floods affected more than 2,41,191 people and flooded more than 5174.74 hectares of farmland in the district until this report was submitted, according to a report by the District Disaster Prevention Bureau of Nagaon on Saturday. did. 50,788 kinds of livestock. In the second wave of floods, more than 105 villages under the income circle in Kanpur, 29 villages under Raha, 12 villages under Nagaon, 5 villages under Samagri, under the income circle of Kaliaball. Two villages have been flooded until they submitted this report.

Separately, the second wave of floods caused panic among the flooded people in the Kanpur area. The second wave of floods isolated Kampur Township from all headquarters in neighboring districts such as Nagaon, Hojay, and West. Karbi Anglong etc.

All ground routes to Kampur Township were flooded and broke from this morning in various places where road connections from all headquarters to Kampur Town were cut off. Also, the road from Kotiatori Chariari to Kampur Town for the disabled was breached again on Saturday after being breached by the first wave of flooding, and transportation across the road has been cut off since this morning.

Meanwhile, 560 flood victims have been rescued by SDRF personnel and 4,488 prisoners have been evacuated to more than 13 rescue camps in the income circles of Kanpur, Nagaon and Raha.

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