Lychee Day Celebrated by Chris Bigan Kendra in Sonitopur District

Lychee Day Celebrated by Chris Bigan Kendra in Sonitopur District

Tezpur: An all-day program was held by Krisibigan Kendra, Napaam and Sonitopur during the celebration of Litchi Day at Agnigarh FPC Pal Achariali Office Campus.

A total of 55 lychee farmers participated in the program. The inaugural address was given by Angana Sarma, the i / c head of KVK Sonitpur. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Director of ATARI Zone VI, was the program’s chief guest. In his speech, Dr. Rajesh Kumar praised the members of the Agnigarh FPC for their great success in exporting the GI-tagged Tezpur Litchi to London.

“Tezpur Litchi” got a GI tag. This is indisputable evidence of its origin in the state and protects it from production elsewhere. These lychees are known for their excellent quality, pleasant flavor and attractive red-colored juicy flesh.

He also talked about the various problems faced by lychee farmers, especially the lack of processing equipment for the added value of lychee and lychee harvesting equipment. Dr. Kumar also visited a lychee farm in the area. Lychee farmers provided valuable feedback and the program ended with a thank-you vote by Sarmistha Borgohain, PAC, KVK and Sonitpur.

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