42 Dead As Floods Hit 32 Assam Districts, Meghalaya Loses Highways Link

IIT Guwahati Team conducting a survey of flood-affected areas in Assam

The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati will help the Assam State Government investigate flood-affected areas by supporting rescue and rescue operations using drones developed by its startup.

According to the authorities, the state government has the expertise to contact the institute, use drones to investigate flood-affected areas, and assess the condition of villages that have lost road connections due to heavy water flows. I am seeking.

Flood conditions in Assam were also very severe on Sunday, with constant rainfall overnight in many new areas affected by the floods in some parts of the state and more in Guwahati. is.

Heavy rains over the past week have disrupted normal life in some parts of Assam. Landslides have also been reported from six other locations in the city, including Kamakia, Kagari, Hengla Bali, Silpcri, and Chandmari Colony.

At many major intersections in the capital, knee-deep water and partially submerged vehicles on submerged roads were found. In one place, the water level was over the waist. The approach road at Guwahati Station was also flooded.

“We have been contacted by the government and will start work immediately. We will use a drone to investigate the disaster area. Also, this exercise will make an action plan for the government to prepare better ahead of the monsoon. It’s an important thing to help with. Given that the area is prone to floods and landslides due to its geographical location, it’s a season. “