"You are taking the name of the Sachin pilot ...": Union Minister Ashok Jerot Slams

"I called me “Nikama”.": Ashok Gehlot’s Jive Sachin Pilot

Parliamentary Sachin Pilot appeared to have wiped out Rajasthan’s Prime Minister Ashok Jerot’s remarks about his rebellion in 2020 today after a related case was filed in court.

“Before, Ashok Jerot said a lot about me like’Nakara’and’Nikamma’ (useless, lazy), to revive the state government.” Mr Pilot told reporters in Tonk.

“You yourself have colluded to overthrow the government. Now you are in the name of Sachin Pilot Ji,” said Gerott, in a court notice to Federal Minister Gajendra Singh Shekawat in the case of alleged horse trading. He made a mistake. Further proof is that you stamped the fact that you were holding hands with him. “