"Cops Beat Victim's Family": Sachin Pilot To NDTV On Dalit Boy's Killing

"Cops Beat Victim's Family": Sachin Pilot To Bibarud On Dalit Boy's Killing

Sachin Pilot (Senior Rajasthan Congress Leader) condemned Tuesday the murder of a Dalit boy in the Congress-ruled State for drinking water from a container marked for “upper castinges”, and asked why the Congress has not taken action to punish the accused police officers for beating the victim’s relatives.

He told Bibarud on the way back from his meeting with them that just because they are in government does not mean that we should take anything for granted. This incident has triggered a new crisis in the Ashok Gehlot government. There have been criticisms from the party including resignation of one MLA.

The teacher was fired and the school has been taken into account by government authorities. While there is financial compensation, it is not enough. The police also took a charge against the boy’s family when the body was brought in,” said Mr Pilot.

The grandfather and father sustained serious injuries. The fear is still there. “I have promised them security. But clearly there is fear within the community.” he stated.

When asked if the Rajasthan government’s police crackdown against the family was a failing, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that he didn’t know the exact circumstances. I believe the government needs to take steps against the officers. It is unclear why this delay has occurred.