"Condemn the sinister threat of San Gairout": MP asks Uddhav Thackle

"Condemn the sinister threat of San Gairout": MP asks Uddhav Thackle

On Thursday, Raja Saba member Mahesh Jesmarani told Prime Minister Uddhav Thackley of Maharashtra that Sena’s rebel MLA, by Shiv Sena’s chief spokesperson Sanjay Raut, “returned to Maharashtra. It’s difficult to move, “he asked to blame the statement.

Senior lawyer Jess Marani was appointed to the House of Councilors and had a relationship with the BJP until a few years ago.

Laut, also a member of Parliament Rajya Saba, made a statement earlier that day when he spoke to Bibarud about a rebellion by members of the party led by Enato Cinde. In response to a specific question about whether Uddhav Thacke will remain prime minister, Mr. Laut said, “Let all MLA come to the floor of the house. Then you’ll see. These MLAs left … They find it difficult to move back to Maharashtra. ”Senna has softened that stance ever since.

In a tweet about Mr. Laut’s remarks, Jess Marani called it “an ominous threat from a man who became his own law in Maharashtra.” He said it needed to be “strongly criticized by all well-meaning legislators in the country,” especially by Uddhav Thacke and NCP Chief Shard Power.

NCP and Parliament are partners in Senna’s ruling alliance in Maharashtra.