Assam: Young animal activist Vineet Bagaria found dead at his residence

Assam: Vineet Bagaria, a young activist for animals, was found dead at his home

DIBRUGARH: Well-known young animal activist Vineet Bagaria’s was found dead at his residence at Shani Mandir Road in Dibrugarh, Assam on Thursday. 

Police say that his relatives found him in his bedroom and brought him to the hospital where he was declared dead. 

Talk to Northeast Now, additional SP (HQ) Bitul Chetia said, “Right now, we cannot say anything because investigation is at preliminary state. It might be a case of suicide but after the post-mortem report come in it will be clear whether it is suicide or anything else.” 

He said: “It might be a case of abatement of suicide because for last several days he was threatened by one Baidullah Khan and Sanjay Sharma. We are investigating the case and very soon things are clear.” 

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The family of Baidullah Khan has filed an abetment case against him. 

Sources said that for last several years there has been a clash going on between the Vineet’s family and Baidullah Khan.  

Vineet’s father has given a space to Sanjay Sarma to run a business but he had given the space to Baidullah Khan.  

Baidullah Khan opens a bike spare parts shop in the space after few days. 

Nearby residents claimed that locals were being disturbed by the repair shop for motorcycles. 

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Vineet is a cofounder of Animal Welfare People and has worked tirelessly for stray dog rescue.  

He and his crew provided food for the homeless dogs of Dibrugarh in Assam during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

He died suddenly, creating a pall over the whole of Dibrugarh in Assam.