Assam government, police urged fraudsters to take action against rackets

Assam government, police urged fraudsters to take action against rackets

LAKHIMPUR: A young man based in Lakhimpur urged state governments and police to take action against fraudsters’ rackets after falling into a fraudster’s trap and losing their hard-earned money.

In this regard, the young man named Tarn Goswami, who lives in the village of Naharani in the Bongarmora region of the district, held a press conference on Tuesday at the North Lakinpool Press Club. At a press conference, Tarn Goswami explains how the fraudster Racket used him with a promise to provide him with a permanent job in establishing Oil India Limited in Duriajan, Dibrugarh. Did. Tarun Goswami said he has been working as a private electrician at Duliajan since 2003 to earn a living. He then contacted Ujjal Saikia from Baruah Tiniali, Syed Rasid Ahmed from Sobji Bari, and Mukul Baruah from Tipling Chariali. They seduced him by promising to manage a permanent job for him at Duliajan’s OIL if he paid them. Establishing trust in them, Tarn Goswami gave the racket an amount of Rs 200,000 in several splits. Tarun Goswami said he deposited the amount in Ujjal Saikia’s bBank account between 2016 and 2018. He added that he had received loans from several people, sold his wife’s ornaments, and mortgaged his land to raise money.

“But the rackets couldn’t give me a permanent job. They didn’t even return me the amount despite my continuous demands. Rather, they were in my life. It poses a threat, “said Tarungoswami.

He further stated that he filed a proceeding against the racket at the Duliajan police station on July 31, 2021, but it had not taken effect to this day. Under these circumstances, the victim’s youth urged the state government and police to take action to destroy the racket. He said that in addition to him, 16 more young people gave the racket money for a permanent job.

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