Assam Foods: Rs 1 lakh donated to Chaiduar College

Assam Foods: Chaiduar College receives Rs 1 lakh

JAMUGURIHAT. The Darrang-Sonitpur & Biswanath zonel committees of Assam college Principals’ Council met Munindra Nagatey (Deputy Commissioner of Biswanath).

Along with Dr. Jyoti Kamal Hazarika, the president of the council and Dr. Chinta Sharma, secretary, of the council; Dr. Palash Maikia, principal of Darrang College and Dr. Jiban Nath, principal of Behali Degree College, and Dr Swapan Kalita, the delegates met Dr. Biswanath DC to submit a memorandum requesting compensation for Chaiduar College that was badly damaged by the floods. Flash flooding has caused damage to the auditorium, library, computer laboratory, and large sections of furniture. They demanded that the district administration provide financial support for the college. The team later visited Chaiduar College, where they handed over Rs 1 lakh cash to Dr Anjan Jyoti Ojah (Principal of Chaiduar College).

Overseas Bank Guwahati Zone provided flood relief for Mangaldai

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