Assam: Cabinet approves scrappage policy for old vehicles

Assam Cabinet approves Scrappage Policy for Old Vehicles

Tuesday’s announcement by the Assam Cabinet regarding scrapping old vehicles was made.

In its weekly meeting, the Assam Cabinet approved 2022 Vehicle Scrappage Policy for Assam.

Although much was not revealed immediately, the policy is said to ensure proper dismantling & scrapping of operations of End of Life Vehicles.

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This was introduced to ensure effective implementation of the Registration & Functions of Vehicle Scrapping Facility (RVSF), Policy to reduce vehicular pollution and phase out unfit & polluting vehicles.

It is expected that this will also encourage the eco-friendly recycling of scrap vehicle vehicles
In addition, the cabinet stated that the State Govt will launch a One Time Settlement scheme that allows owners to get tax relief up to 75% for outstanding/arrear debts.

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But, we are still waiting for more information about the policy and which vehicles it will cover.