138 SpiceJet Passengers, Stranded For 11 Hours In Pak, Take Off For Dubai

There are 138 SpiceJet passengers who were stranded in Pak for over 11 hours.

After almost 11 hours of being stuck in Karachi for the Delhi-Dubai SpiceJet, 138 passengers boarded an alternate flight from India to take off for UAE.

SpiceJet’s Boeing 737 Max airplane had unscheduled landed at Karachi airport after its fuel indicator failed. There were indicators on the pilots’ cockpit that indicated a fuel leakage in one of the tanks at the wings. 

Directorate General Of Civil Aviation stated that crew members observed an unusual reduction in fuel quantity. The cockpit fuel gauge displayed an indication of fuel loss. The pilot had to land in Karachi, but this was not an emergency landing.

According to SpiceJet B737 flight SG-11 (Delhi – Dubai), was diverted by an indicator light problem to Karachi. The plane landed safely in Karachi, and all passengers were disembarked safely. It made a routine landing. The aircraft was not reported to have experienced any problems. The spokesperson for the airline stated that passengers were served refreshments.

SpiceJet dispatched an alternative aircraft SG9911 from Mumbai in order to transport passengers to Dubai. It took off around 9:00 pm according to PTI news agency.