Xi Jinping casts doubt on China's Zero-COVID policy

Xi Jinping casts doubt on China’s Zero-COVID policy

China’s President Xi Jinping has issued the strongest warning to date to anyone questioning the country’s Zero-COVID policy.

The move, according to CNN reports, came after many residents of Shanghai used social media to seek help and dispel anger over severe food shortages and lack of access to medical care.

At a meeting chaired by Xi on Thursday, the ruling Communist Party’s Supreme Politburo Standing Committee unwaveringly adheres to the general policy of “Dynamic Zero Corona” and resolutely distorts, suspiciously, and denies our country with all words and actions. I vowed to fight. Epidemic prevention policy. “

This is the first time Mr. Nishi, who gave an “important speech” at the conference, has publicly spoken about the fight against China’s Covid since the outburst of public anger over the severe blockade in Shanghai, according to state media. be.

According to the Xinhua News Agency, “Our prevention and management strategy is determined by the nature and mission of the party, our policies can withstand the challenges of history, and our measures are scientific and effective.” Stated.