Widespread irregularities in Dhupguri State Dispensary

Widespread irregularities at Dhupguri State Dispensary

BOKO: Frylin R. Marak (RHAC), executive member of Rabha Hasong’s Autonomous Council, and president Dhupguri States Dispensary Frylin R. Marak organized a press meeting Monday at Inspection Banglow. Marak, the Dhupguri SD’s accountant, was accused of massive corruption. Tilak Kalita, the accountant for the Dispensary, has taken money out of Dhupguri SD SBI Bank accounts three times without providing any documentation to the dispensary committee.

Marak claimed that he had been involved in numerous irregularities before. He is accused of not paying salary to ASHA workers. Frylin R. Marak submitted a memo to Keshab Mahanta (State Health Minister), DC Kamrup and SBI Luki Branch. Marak stated that the two signatures required for the check to withdraw money from the mentioned bank account are Accountant (SDMO) and SDMO. However, Dr. Ranjit Terong, the SDMO was moved to another hospital in December 2021. Without anyone’s concern, the accountant had taken money three times between April 2022 and April 2022. Frylin R. Marak, president of Dhupguri state dispensary Dhupguri Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC), and executive member Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC), has asked the government for assistance in this matter.

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