SpiceJet Flight To Dubai Lands In Karachi After Pilots Suspect Fuel Leak

SpiceJet Fly To Dubai Lands At Karachi, After Two Pilots Suspect Fuel Leak

According to SpiceJet spokesperson, an indicator light that was malfunctioning caused a SpiceJet plane to fly from Delhi to Dubai to divert to Karachi.

The aircraft landed safely in Karachi, and all passengers were deboarded. The airline stated that no emergency had been declared.

According to SpiceJet B737 flight SG-11 (Delhi – Dubai), was diverted by an indicator light problem to Karachi. Passenger safety was assured as the aircraft safely landed at Karachi. The aircraft performed a regular landing and no emergency was declared. No reports of malfunctions were received. The passengers were served refreshments. The spokesperson said that a new aircraft was being delivered to Karachi, which will transport passengers to Dubai.

Pilots aboard the Boeing 737 Max 8 plane had signs that there was a fuel leakage from the tank at the wings. Directorate General Of Civil Aviation said that the crew noticed unusual fuel quantity drops. The cockpit fuel gauge displayed an indication of an unanticipated fuel loss. Although this was an emergency landing, the pilot needed to make a safe landing at Karachi.

Just last month, SpiceJet’s fleet was subject to an aviation regulator safety audit. Inspections continue on a case-by-case basis.