Sivasagar DC Megha Nidhi Dahal reviews PMAY implementation

Sivasagar DC Megha Nidhi Dahal reviews PMAY implementation

SIVASAGAR: Deputy Secretary of State Sivasagar Megha Nidhi Dahal reviewed the implementation of the Central Assistance Program to ensure that housing construction is unhindered under Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY), an ambitious plan of the Government of India. It is currently being implemented in the Shiva Sagar district.

The meeting was attended by Aswini KumarDoley, CEO of Sivasagar Zila Parishad, Block Development Officer and Executive Engineer for all development blocks in the district, M / sLaxmi Hardware and Assam Hardware Stores, Brick Wholesalers, a wholesaler of cement, sand, stone and iron. MD Itabhata, Gaurisagar and MBF Itabhata, Pabhajan.

Directing authorities to accelerate the pace of work, the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary called on the block development manager to focus on housing construction under PMAY while maintaining quality standards. He also asks BDO to conduct regular site visits to get better results and investigate the issue of purchasing materials for home construction under PMAY so that beneficiaries do not fall victim to middlemen. Instructed to.

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