Serious flood situation in Karaigaon in Udalgri district

Serious flood situation in Karaigaon in Udalgri district

Karaigaon: As much of the state continues to be flooded, the Nore River below the Karaigaon Revenue Circle in the Udalgri district is flooded by constant rain.

According to reports, more than 36 villages have been flooded in the Karaigaon income circle in the last three days. In the Karaigaon region, heavy rains over the past few days have flooded the River Nore and caused flash floods. Some homes were flooded and about 900 families were unable to cook for the past three days. In addition, the embankment along the River Nore collapsed under flood pressure and was torn in several villages such as Rupatal, Begri, Gerwa, Shagunbahi and Bajani.

The Karaigaon-Udalgri Road near Majachaba was moving under knee-deep water on Thursday, and part of the road was washed away. The other road for alternative communication from Kalaigaon to Udalguri, even Mekenzi, was broken in Bhehguri on Friday due to the flood. Damage to roads, bridges and embankments affects the daily activities of the Karigaon area. The important communication link from Karigaon to the district headquarters has been completely blocked from the last three days.

Most of Kalaigaon’s revenue circle was kneeling underwater, along with State Veterinary Dispensary, Inspection Bungalow, and Kalaigaon HS School, until Friday. Meanwhile, Durga Das Boro, MLA of Kalaigaon LAC, visited the disaster area and requested the staff of the Department of Water Resources to visit the disaster area to take necessary measures.

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