"Sedition": BJP on Former Minister A Raja's Separate Tamil Nadu Remark

"Sedition": BJP on Former Minister A Raja's Separate Tamil Nadu Remark

Today, the Tamil Nadu BJP criticized the comments of A Raja (former minister, DMK leader) about the revival statehood demand. This was made in 1960s by Thanthai Periyar who is the father of Dravidian movements. His statement was that Tamil Nadu would prefer to remain independent of India. His speech by A Raja was inseditious… The context of Indian Constitution makes it an offense. It is, without a doubt,” stated K Annamalai (head of state BJP).

On Sunday, Raja stated that Tamil Nadu should not be forced to make demands for statehood through reducing its autonomy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said all States must be seen as one, while Home Minister Amit Shah stated that unity is possible by learning Hindi. Periyar is the founding father of the party. [his] Death demanded that there be a “thani nadu”. We (DMK) resisted that request for democracy and national integrity,” MK Stalin, Chief Minister of the DMK, reportedly told Mr Raja.  

“I’m telling Amit Shah, the Prime Minister, with utmost humility. I implore (our) leaders to remind you that our Chief Minister is on the same path as Anna (C. N Annadurai), former Chief Minister, and founder of DMK), and not force us onto the path of Periyar. Press Trust of India quoted him as saying that he would not push us towards a separate country. He also said that he will give the state autonomy, and that we will not stop until then.

Annamalai accused the DMK in accusing them of opening a Pandora’s Box. He said that A Raja was the one who gave the subject to A Raja. The motive and intention are obvious. “The Chief Minister was clapping. He could have clarified. He chose to not clarify. “The Chief Minister has failed his moral obligations and his moral responsibility is greater than the legal obligation,” he said.