'Ruled By A Raja': Rahul Gandhi attacks KCR and launches Telangana campaign

‘Ruled By A Raja’: Rahul Gandhi attacks KCR and launches Telangana campaign

Parliamentary leader Rahul Gandhi launches a fierce attack on the ruling Janata Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and BJP on Friday, launching a party vote in Terrangana, Prime Minister K Chandrashekar Lao. Cooperation with TRS to keep (KCR) corrupt and BJP away from power. The BJP is “remotely controlling” the TRS, and voting for the TRS means voting for the BJP, a member of parliament said.

The state is “governed by Raja (king), not the prime minister,” he added, adding that next year’s legislative elections will be a direct battle between parliament and the ruling TRS.

He targeted the KCR and said that only this one had destroyed the “Telangana dream” that he had imagined to become a “model nation” when the parliament was formed. “We want to focus on education, health and employment,” he said.

Gandhi argued that his party would never match a “corrupted” TRS. “Telangana was not given to benefit just one family,” he said, adding that Congress cannot compromise with a party that “betrayed” Telangana.

The former Parliamentary Secretary returned from a controversial personal trip to Nepal and went straight to the start of a poll in the state. This is his first public place since he went abroad in early April during parliamentary negotiations with political strategist Prasant Kisho.