Ratan Tata Launches India

Ratan Tata Launches India's 1st Companionship Startup For Senior Citizens

In an effort to foster intergenerational friendships, Ratan Tata, an industrialist, launched India’s first companionship startup for seniors, Goodfellows.

Shantanu Naidu is a Cornell University MBA graduate who founded Goodfellows. This 28-year old is the General Manager of Mr Tata’s Office and the fifth generation in his family to work for the Tata Group.

Ratan Tata, who was launching Goodfellows, stated, “Until you are alone, and wishing companionship, you will not understand what it’s like to feel lonely.”

Startup appoints “Goodfellows”, young graduates who assist senior citizens with companionship and assistance, similar to what grandkids would do.”

India’s 15 million senior citizens are living in isolation, whether it is due to death of their partner or the relocation of families for work. While many have caregivers, the problem of loneliness or lack thereof has led to deterioration of mental and physical health.