42 Dead As Floods Hit 32 Assam Districts, Meghalaya Loses Highways Link

Railroad to transport relief supplies inexpensively to flooded northeastern states

Railroads will transport all relief supplies to the flood-affected northeastern states free of charge, officials said Monday.

A spokesman for the North East Frontier Railroad said that interstate and intrastate aid and relief supplies would be covered by parcel vans or second-class vehicles, luggage and security vehicles, and free freight trains.

He said that freight rates of all kinds are exempted from anywhere in the country for purposes to the region and that the transportation of relief supplies is not charged for any incidental costs such as delinquency or wharfs.

Relief supplies in flood-affected areas can be used to book substandard rake configurations, and non-governmental organizations can provide relief supplies to flood-affected areas in areas such as the government. You can send it for free. However, NGOs require appropriate approval from the split rail managers who are empowered to make decisions about additional facilities, such as installing additional coaches and vans on various northeastern trains.

In the case of an NGO, the shipper or consignee must be a justice of the peace or deputy chief cabinet secretary in the district where the dispatch or receive station is located in the jurisdiction, the spokesman added.