Priest allegedly rapes 15-year old girl in Lakhimpur district

A priest allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl from Lakhimpur in the district of Lakhimpur

LAKHIMPUR – A priest from a Shiva Mandir has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl in Lakhimpur. Bhola Baruah is the alleged victim. He is the son of Kanak, a resident in Na-mile Maut Gaon, at Panigaon Police Station. He claimed to be the priest at the Shiva Mandir in the village. He was a resident at Shiva Mandir since the age of 33.

Panigaon Police arrested the self-declared Priest on Tuesday evening. This was in response to a mother’s complaint. He was presented before the Chief Judicicial Magistrate (CJM), Wednesday. He was sent to prison by the CJM court.

The Panigaon Police Station Officer-in-Charge stated that the priest, aged 85, raped the girl, 15 years old, a few month ago at Shiva Mandir campus. His mother filed a complaint. To do some work at the Shiva Mandir, the accused took the victim to him. Following a rape, the priest threatened to make her reveal everything to no one.

The girl is four months pregnant at the moment. When the girl’s mother and neighbours noticed her physical changes, they inquired. According to the Panigaon Police Station officer, police managed to run a medical exam on the girl.

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