One killed in road mishap in Sivasagar district

Road accident in Sivasagar District results in one death

GAURISAGAR – Monuj Protim (27), the son Banshidhar Bhuyan from Kakojan Arandhara, Teok village, Jorhat, was killed in a tragic road accident at Charing Gogoi Ali 7km away from Gaurisagar Police Station of the Sivasagar District.

Monuj was reported to have been riding his Pulsar Bicycle AS 03 R 41139 as he traveled from Sivasagar toward home. His Pulsar bicycle was suddenly knocked over by an unidentified vehicle at Charing Ali. He died immediately. The death of Monuj has been widely mourned at his home. Monuj was an outstanding student who received his Bachelor’s degree at Kakojan College. He later worked in Sivasagar’s business office.

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