Sanjay Raut

Of San Gairout "40 bodies will be back" Remarks fuel another Senna line

This is highly tracked in the very fierce conflict that devastated Shiv Sena. At least 39 rebels within the party have accused party leader Sanjay Laut of publicly exposing the threat of murder.

“40 bodies come from Assam and are sent directly to the morgue,” Laut told Senna workers yesterday in a speech aimed at making them enthusiastic. In the distant Guwahati, where rebels united, the statement evoked allegations of murder threats.

In today’s Supreme Court, rebels who elected Eknath Shinde as chief said Mr Laut was trying to incite violence against them. Several MLA homes that left Mumbai for Camp Cinde last week were attacked by Senna workers over the weekend. The central government said yesterday that it would protect the families of those participating in the rebellion against Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeley. However, in court today, the Maharashtra state government said it would secure all ministers and MLAs in the state.

Mr. Laut argued that his remarks were intended as a flower-like analogy, not as a warning. “We have now learned who to trust. These are dead bodies of the soul. 40 will come to Assam,” he insisted.

The reckless rhetoric was said by Shrikant, the son of parliamentarian Cinde. “The state is watching how he passes comments, which happens when he finds power out of control,” he suggested in theory. “This is a good input for Hindi wood movies.”