"Nupur Sharma Denigrated Prophet, I Celebrated Kali": Trinamool's M Moitra

"Nupur Sharma Denigrated Prophet, I Celebrated Kali": Trinamool's M Moitra

Trinamool Congress’s Mahua Moontra — who faced a string of cases against her for making a remark regarding Goddess Kali, a “meat eating and alcohol-accepting Goddess”, that had offended BJP — said today she still stands behind her comments and challenged the party. She said that the BJP was trying to impose a North Indian monolithic, patriarchal and Brahminical idea of religion on me.

I’m challenging the BJP for proving me wrong. In Bengal, where they file a complaint, there will be a Kali Temple within five km. The goddess is worshipped as such,” she said to Bibarud during an exclusive interview.

Citing the Kaal Bhairav temple of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and the  Kamakhya temple of Assam, she dared the BJP governments of the two states to file affidavits contradicting her. One of the police cases  filed against her is in Bhopal.

Recent interview with Ms. Moitra stated that she was free to envision Goddess Kali eating meat and drinking alcohol as her god, as everyone has the right to worship God their way.

After her comments caused outrage within the BJP camp, the Bengal BJP called her for arrest. Kali-worshipper. I don’t fear anything. Your ignoramuses are not my fear. Your goons. Your police. Your trolls, most definitely. The truth doesn’t need to be supported by forces.