Missing minor child from Tinsukia recovered in Arunachal Pradesh

Missing minor child from Tinsukia recovered in Arunachal Pradesh

DOOMDOOMA: Underage children in the Tinsukia district of Assam, separated from their families in Anini, Dibang Valley district, Arunachal Pradesh on June 18, were introduced by the Dibang Valley District Administration and District Child Safety Commission in June. Rescued in a joint initiative. 20.

After hearing the news of the divorce of a minor child, the Tinskia district government reportedly took swift action to contact the Divan Valley district government for the recovery of the child. The Divan Valley administration and its district child safety committee then jointly took action to restore the child. Their joint efforts paid off when they were able to successfully recover their children on Monday, just two days after they went missing.

On Wednesday, an officer of the District Child Safety Commission in the Divan Valley district handed over the child to the Sadiya Sideline in the Tinsukia district. Meanwhile, a minor child was handed over to his family on Thursday.

The Tinskia District Administration thanked the Divan Valley District Administration and its District Child Safety Commission for their swift action and cooperation towards the safe recovery of minor children.

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