How the tailor Kanhai Yalal was killed in his shop

How the tailor Kanhai Yalal was killed in his shop

The horrific killings of today’s tailors by two men who filmed it and boasted of revenge for insults to Islam caused tensions and protests in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Both attackers seen on the camera were arrested.

Kanhaiya Lal said in a social media post in support of BJP leader Nupur Sharma, who was suspended by the ruling party earlier this month after her comments on the Prophet Muhammad caused anger and domestic protests in the Gulf countries. I was threatened many times.

This afternoon, Kanhaiya Lal was at his store in the city’s bustling Dhan Mandi market when an attacker came in pretending to be a customer. The tailor is seen in a video measuring one of the men who suddenly attacked him.

When another man filmed the murder on his cell phone, he hit him with a kitchen knife. The murderer tried to decapitate him but couldn’t, police said. His neck was torn, but his head was not.

The two men ran away and later posted a barbaric video on social media. In another video, attackers identified as Goss Mohammad and Riyas moaned about the murder and threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi.