Drug awareness workshop organized in Gossaigaon

Gossaigaon Drug Awareness Workshop

GOSSAIGAON – A workshop entitled “Say No to Drugs” was held to inform border youths about the effects of drugs on their mental health by Sh. Parag Chaturvedi (second-in-command, 31 Bn SSB Gossaigaon) In this sequence, the drill demonstrations by female units were held. Bada Khana, in which 31 Bn SSB officials and students from Jamduar College participated, concluded the programme.

Sh. Parag Chaturvedi (Second-in-command) conveyed the message during the seminar to youth that drug abuse could lead to job, social, and physical problems. The effects of substance abuse on a person’s health, mental, social and family relationships, as well as their education, quality and work performance, can all be detrimental. Organ damage, including the liver, brain, and heart, could be a result of substance abuse. He also stated that substance abuse can lead to mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and psychosis. A few of his tips included resolving to drug dependency, working with positive, supportive people, exercising, good nutrition, and seeking professional help in the event you are a victim.

Tinsukia College organized anti-drug awareness campaigns

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