Assam Floods: Flood plays havoc for Silchar municipal board-run mall

Assam Floods – Flood causes havoc at Silchar’s municipal board-run mall

SILCHAR: A massive flood left Silchar’s Goldighi Shopping Mall in an uninhabitable condition. Silchar’s municipal board runs the Goldighi mall. It is located at Premtala’s heart. This massive, G+4 structure has a basement that serves as both a parking lot and part of which houses 26 shops. The devastated flood resulted in huge loss for the merchants of the mall. For 19 days, the mall was shut down. Up to now, 26 million litres water had been pumped from the basement. Also, the transformer suffered severe damage and power supply was not restored. 26 of the 26 stores in the basement had been completely destroyed. There was water in basement that was eighteen feet high. Also, the basement contained a Shiva temple.

A group of traders met to demand that the municipal authority and district administration take urgent steps to restore the mall’s functionality. A few traders voiced dismay at the fact that the local administration and the public representatives never visited the mall. The municipality pays an enormous amount in taxes. Ramanuj Gupta runs a luxurious restaurant on the upper floor of the mall and requested that the administration make it operational as quickly as possible.

Ashutosh Deka (Executive Officer, Silchar Municipal Board) stated that although steps have been taken, the extent of damage is so severe, it will take some time.

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