Assam Floods: 11 Die In Last 24 Hours, Over 4.5 Million Affected

Assam Flood: More than 54 Rak affected and 12 new deaths reported today

Floods in Assam remained harsh on Thursday, with more than Rs 545,000 still affected and 12 new deaths reported, officials said.

They said that there are currently 101 victims of floods since mid-May.

The Brahmaputra and Barak rivers, and their tributaries, were flooded in most of the affected areas, leaving vast lands flooded in 32 of the 36 districts of the state. However, the flood water has receded in several places.

A total of 3,658 people were evacuated during the day by NDRF, SDRF, and other agencies with the help of 276 boats throughout the state, according to preliminary reports.

More than 14,500 beaten people were rescued by the NDRF in 12 districts affected by the Assam floods, officials said.

NDRF’s 1st Battalion Disaster Response Unit participated in rescue operations in the affected areas, deploying more than 70 boats and 400 soldiers in the flooded areas, its deputy commander Santosh Kumar Singh told PTI. Told.