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Assam Agricultural University gets grades from NAEAB

Using Twitter, a microblogging site, Minister of Education Assam shared information and congratulated all those associated with VCs and their institutions.

“We are pleased that the National Agricultural Education Accreditation Committee has accredited # Assam Agricultural University as A grade for the next five years.

Congratulations to all the people involved with a sincere VC and its institution. @himantabiswa @CMOfficeAssam “tweet.

In particular, AAU has emerged as the first institution of this kind throughout the northeastern region of India, its main goal is to develop globally competitive talent in the agricultural sector, traditional fields and frontiers. Doing research in both disciplines.

The university is tasked with bridging the gap between agriculture and the alliance sector, confronting future challenges in agriculture, and preparing the state to ensure the productivity of Agriholti animal fish.

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