APHLC demands cancellation of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council election 2022

APHLC asks for cancellation of Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council Election 2022

HOWRAGHAT – The All Party Hills Leader Conference regional party held a huge rally in Diphu, Monday demanding the annulment and cancellation of the recently completed ‘Elections to Karbi Anlong Self-Governing Council, 2022’ ballot.

JI Kathar President of APHLC stated to the local media that a Gauhati High Court Case is pending. His party seeks to revoke the voting rights for non-sixth Scheduled People from Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council. Furthermore, the latest election took place when the case was still under adjudication.

APHLC’s supporters marched in large numbers to Diphu Town, chanting slogans against the ruling BJP/RSS and culminating at Semsonsing Ingti cemetery.

APHLC activists also demanded the scrapping of the voting rights of non-sixth scheduled persons, cancellation of non sixth scheduled traders licenses, cancellation of land patta for non sixth scheduled people, and deportation to Bangladesh of nationals. APHLC won all 26 Member of Autonomous Council (Karibi Anglong Autonomous Council 22) seats for which an election was held. The party was defeated in several seats where there were minor differences.

According to the vote-sharing ratio, the party got a larger number of votes than the Congress and the Autonomous State Demand Committee. The party, which is currently the main political opposition to ruling BJP, should be a force of reckoning.

The APHLC, with its large support base, is seen as a powerful political force and can hit the opposition with lots of power by politically cognizant segments.