Actor-Politician Raj Babbar Gets 2-Year Jail Term In 1996 Assault Case

Raj Babbar is an actor-politician and gets a 2-year sentence in 1996 assault case

In a case that involved the beating of a polling official, a Lucknow court sentenced Raj Babbar (a Bollywood actor) to a two year jail term.
Raj Babbar, actor and politician was found guilty for involuntary causing harm to stop a public employee from carrying out his duties. Raj Babbar was also fined Rs 8500. Raj Babbar had been accused of filing a First information Report against him (FIR) during an election that took place in May 1996. Here is the Wazirganj Police Station where the complaint was made. Raj Babbar, a contestant from the Samajwadi Party at that point in time. Raj Babbar attended the hearing when the verdict came out.

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