5 Muslim Communities Get

5 Muslim Communities Get 'Indigenous' Status In Assam

Assam cabinet on Tuesday approved the identification of five Assamese Muslim sub-groups – Gorias, Moriyas, Jolhas, Deshis and Syeds – as indigenous Assamese Muslim communities, tweeted Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

“At our weekly Assam Cabinet, we took several decisions pertaining to the scrapping of old vehicles, identification of 5 indigenous Muslim groups, exempting ex-servicemen & their widows from paying property tax, boosting renewable energy, and improving data access, etc,” Mr Sarma tweeted.

According to the chief minister, this will help ensure women’s empowerment and their health, cultural identity, education, financial integration, skills development, and gender equality.

Assam Cabinet took other important decisions, including exempting ex servicemen and widows from the payment of property tax, scrapping older vehicles, increasing renewable energy, improving access to data, and exchanging ex-servicemen for their spouses.

As a token of appreciation for the nation’s service, Assam Cabinet decided that ex-servicemen as well as their widows would be exempt from property taxes.

After briefing journalists, Keshab Mahata, Health Minister of Assam, said that the bills for amending the Guwahati Municipal Corporation Act (1969) and the Assam Municipal Act ( 1956), will be introduced in the state assembly. These laws would exempt widows/ex-servicemen from property tax to show gratitude to them.