22-Year-Old With High-Powered Rifle Is US Shooting Suspect, Arrested

The 22-Year-Old with a high-powered rifle is US shooting suspect, arrested

A mass shooting at the US Independence Day Parade in Chicago’s wealthy suburb left six people dead. Police have arrested a suspect, casting doubt over this patriotic holiday.

Robert Crimo 22, the suspect was arrested after an extensive manhunt that took place in Highland Park in Illinois. This town is where just hours earlier, a celebration celebrating July 4th with family had become a site of trauma and murder.

The gunman, who was armed with a powerful rifle and a highly-powered weapon, walked onto the crowd with his high-powered rifle. He caused panic as the onlookers fled for their lives. A parade route littered with personal items, balloons, chairs and other belongings was left behind.

Officials said that around 20 people including children were being treated for gunshot injuries. Some are in serious condition.

Crimo was taken into custody by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Police had earlier warned him that Crimo was “very dangerous” and armed. An identical-aged Chicago musician goes online under the name “Awake The Rapper”.