15 Assam elephants to be transported to Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh to receive 15 Assam Elephants

According to reports, the Assam government consented to Madhya Pradesh handing over at most 15 elephants. 

According to reports, officials from Madhya Pradesh’s forest department visited Assam two times over this matter. 

Assam will host another team of forest officers from Madhya Pradesh to perform health checkups on elephants. 

Other formalities of bringing them will also be completed during this visit, chief wildlife warden of Madhya Pradesh – JS Chauhan was reported to be saying by The Free Press Journal

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Process of bringing elephants in Madhya Pradesh from Assam started in 2012 to monitor tigers in Madhya Pradesh’s tiger reserves and national parks. 

During these nine years, the forest officers made approximately nine trips to Madhya Pradesh to transport elephants.  

The Assam government is now allowing 15 elephants.