IndiGo staff accused of blocking the boarding of children with disabilities

"You can’t violate the rules": IndiGo CEO on boarding for children with special needs

According to the rules, the flight shouldn’t be confusing. IndiGo CEO Rono joy Dutta emphasized in an intensifying line over the airline’s decision not to carry children with special needs on one of its weekend flights at lunch. The CEO added that the same child has flown together more than 50 times in the last few years.

“We always put our employees on flight safety first. If you have any doubts, always misunderstand flight safety. So flight safety is not just lip service, it’s just lip service. How can I make sure it’s working? One is training. Second, it’s empowerment. I’ll never try to guess the decision of the captain, flight attendant, or flight manager again. ” , Ronojoy Dutta said in an exclusive interview with Bibarud.

The Civil Aviation Director of the Aviation Regulatory Authority or DGCA has formed a three-member team to conduct a “fact-finding investigation” of the IndiGo case.

“Flight safety is a partnership between DGCA and the airline, which makes it very clear what our responsibilities are. As an airline you are responsible for screening passengers,” he said. Said.

In this case, Dutta said, “the child was in a panic state,” and the incident occurs when the crew is distracted.