Xiaomi blames Indian distributor "Physical violence" Threat: Report

Xiaomi blames Indian distributor "Physical violence" Threat: Report

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp claims that its top executives faced “physical violence” and the threat of coercion during an interrogation by an Indian financial crime control agency, according to a court allegation seen by Reuters. There is.

Enforcement officials said that if the company’s former India managing director Manukumarjain, current chief financial officer Samir BS Lao, and their families did not submit the statement desired by the authorities, 5 Xiaomi’s submission on May 4 warned of “disastrous consequences.” Said.

The executive office did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Xiaomi has been investigating since February, and last week an Indian agency seized $ 725 million in its Indian bank account for making illegal remittances abroad “in the guise of loyalty.” Did.

Xiaomi has denied fraud, saying that royalty payments are legitimate. On Thursday, the judge spoke to Xiaomi’s lawyer and put the Indian agency’s decision to freeze bank assets on hold. The next hearing is scheduled for May 12th.