World No Tobacco Day was observed in Assam

World No Tobacco Day was observed in Assam

LAKHIMPUR: Like the rest of the world, World No Tobacco Day was held on Tuesday at Lakhimpur Commerce College, calling for the avoidance of tobacco consumption and production to protect the environment. On this day, at the district level of the university with the support of the District Legal Affairs Bureau of Rakinpur, in connection with the anti-drug and drug cells of Mahira Shakti Kendra, Rakinpur Commerce College, District Level Center for Women of the ECM Social Welfare Department. Was observed in. And AE project (IGSSS-UNICEF).

The day’s observations began with Walkerson by college students, DLSA-Lakhimpur, Mahila Shakti Kendra, and other participating institutions from the college through the main roads of the town of North Lakinpur. This was followed by a street play on tobacco consumption by students at Lakinpool Commerce College in front of the District Justice Complex in North Lakinpool.

After that, a conference was held in the seminar hall of the university chaired by Principal Lohit Hazarika. Lakhimpur Anup Khanal, Secretary of the District Legal Affairs Bureau, explained the purpose of the meeting. Dr Shamiul Akhtar Borborah of Lakhimpur Medical College and Hospital attended the meeting as a resource person. In his speech, Dr. Borborah stated that smoking and other forms of tobacco consumption were the gateway to drugs and substance abuse, urging everyone to recognize them. On the theme of this year’s Smoking Cessation Day, Dr. Volbora also talked about the lasting environmental impact of the world on growing a single tobacco plant or producing a single tobacco. He asked everyone to stop using all forms of tobacco so that the planet could be saved from environmental disasters. The conference screened several short films on the dangers of tobacco consumption.

Silchar: The Kacha administration, which is associated with the district tobacco control cell, organized a rally on Tuesday and was flagged by Kacha Vice-Chairman Ketty Jari.

In doing so, DC Jalli would like to thank the Department of Health and Dr. Ibrahim Ali Ahmed for organizing the rally. She appealed to the community to eliminate the bad habits of tobacco use from society. She said that between the ages of 15 and 35, people are very vulnerable and use tobacco as a means of escape, as a cool element, or to minimize stress. She encourages young people to follow their great personality and not use shortcut methods or escape mechanisms to succeed in life.

“If you continue to work hard according to the right principles and the right ethics, success and happiness will be there,” Jari said. She also said that tobacco consumption is no longer a cool factor, fashionable and healthy. Jari further stated that consumption of tobacco, especially Kaini and Gutuka, is harmful to the heart and lungs. She said the government would carry out raids at stores around the school with the help of police, and these raids would continue with the support of society. She urged the younger generation to refrain from any kind of tobacco products.