World No Tobacco Day observed in Tezpur

World No Tobacco Day observed in Tezpur

Tezpur: World No Tobacco Day was held on the grounds of Tezpur’s Nursing Training School, in collaboration with the District Legal Affairs Bureau of Tezpur, with the support of the Sonitopur District Tobacco Control Cell, and several others in the Sonitopur district. Observed with that program.

District and Session Judges Sonitopur, Chatraboo Coral Goy will be held in the presence of Dr. Chetri Tuberculosis, Director, Dr. S Tamuri, Nord Officer, District Tobacco Management Sersonitopur, Dr. Pradipnas We have started a meeting to raise awareness. Among other things, the district oral hygiene officer and the district tobacco smoking cessation center. Following the rally, an awareness conference was held at KCH’s Nursing Training School in Tezpur.

The meeting began with a welcome remark by DLSA coordinator Sajijur Rahman, attended by senior journalists Dip Kumar Kalita, Priyanka Kakati, district coordinators, DTCC, Sonitpur, and other dignitaries.

Dr. STamuli, Node Officer of the District Tobacco Control Cell Sonitpur, said: Human body and society. ”

Tamri added, “We don’t love ourselves, so we need to discover why we become addicted to cigarettes. When we start to love our lives, all of this Habits and addictions are definitely set aside. ”

“It should be our moral obligation to contribute to our mission, as all departments benefit from good management of tobacco use,” said Dr. Pradip Nath, who participated in the program. ..