Toblerone Chocolate, World-Famous, To Make A Big Change

World-famous Toblerone chocolate makes a big difference

Toblerone will need to remove “Switzerland” from its packaging as mountain-shaped chocolate will no longer be produced exclusively in its home country from 2023.

Founded in 1908 at the Toblerone factory, Triangular Chocolate is produced in Bern, in the heart of the Alpine country.

However, brand owner Mondelez International, an American food giant, said Toblerone will open a new production line in Slovakia “to meet growing demand” by the end of the year.

Mondelez International told AFP in an email that it continues to invest in the Bern plant.

The launch of a production line in Slovakia, where Mondelez also produces milka and chard chocolates, “unleashes considerable capacity” on Bern’s site and ultimately “manufactures millions of additional bars.” “Can be done, Mondelez said.