World Environment Day observed throughout Assam

World Environment Day observed throughout Assam

Tangla: World Environment Day was held in various parts of the Udalgri district on Sunday, along with other parts of the world. Despite Sundays and bad weather, students, teachers, parents, social workers, and the business community have come out a lot for tree planting, and it also nets to save saplings for at least three months. I had it.

In Udalgri Town, members of the Udalgri City Hall, Simantache Tanamanchi, Arnyas Laksha Samiti, Asom, the Udalgri District Committee of the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), MRSD NGOs are seasonal to newly constructed partitions for beautification. I planted flower saplings. Udalgritown had neem (Margoza) saplings planted beside the sidewalk, while teachers and students at Suncaldef Mission High School planted flower saplings on a golden occasion on the road dividers on the south bank of Udalgritown Premier. Jubilee celebration of the educational institution.

Meanwhile, reports of auspicious day observations were received by schools, universities, social organizations and NGOs from the district’s Mazubat, Rota, Oran, Tangla, Koirabari and Byrab Kunda.

LAKHIMPUR: World Environment Day was observed throughout the Lakhimpur district on Sunday by various agencies and organizations. Uttar Lakhimpur Xahitya Xabha observed the event by holding a plantation drive and a public conference. Literary groups have planted various types of local fruit saplings on the premises of the office. After that, a public meeting was held, chaired by President Premananda Haubora. At the meeting, senior literary group officials shared their thoughts in connection with the event to raise awareness of environmental protection.

The Lakhimpur College of Commerce, in collaboration with the District Legal Services Authority and Marwari Sammelan, conducted a tree-planting program on the grounds of Lakhimpur Medical College and Hospital on World Environment Day. University students planted 300 seedlings on the grounds of Lakinpur Medical College. The tree-planting program was attended by Anup Khanal, Director of the District Legal Affairs Bureau, students from Aban Chandra Barman and Padmeswar Dihingiya, professors at Lakhimpur Commerce College, Student Autonomy Chairman at Aziz Ali University, other students, and members of Lakhimpur District Legal Services. Authority and all workers of Marwari Sameran and Jan Seva.

In the Daquakana district, a voluntary organization, Dristy, celebrated the event in collaboration with the trainees of the Daquakana Normal School by conducting a plantation drive at the Muktinato Sibumandir Campus of the Daquakana Normal School. The local government of Dakuakana also observed this day in collaboration with various organizations.